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Top 3 part cooling 5015 blowers

Performant part cooling is essential for printing quality if:

  • you print PLA faster than 100 mm/s
  • your part has small details or small layers
  • your part has overhangs or bridges

An average performance part cooling fan would be good enough if you print slow or if you print materials that need less cooling like ABS or PC. In general, it is aways better to install a powerful part cooling fan and not use it at full, than miss cooling capacity when you need it.

This article explores the best 5015 radial blower fan options available on the market.

Key considerations
before buying a 5015 blower

Airflow and static pressure are the most important performance indicators for a part cooling blower fan. Air flow is basically the volume of air a fan can move per minute. It is measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). Static pressure is the ability of a fan to push air against resistance.

It means that if you have long duct from your blower to your nozzle (higher air resistance), you may want to prioritize fans with higher static pressure. This is especially important for Fang-type ducts with variable cross section. On other hand if your duct is short (low air resistance) go with the higher air flow.

Other consideration may be the noise level, especially if you share living space with your 3d printer. Performant blowers go to 6000+ RPM and could be noisy. Dual ball bearings help to minimise the noise, however noise is generated from the airflow also.

Based on these criteria, here is our selection of the best 5015 part cooling radial blower fans at 24 V DC:

1. Gdstime GDB5015 – best price/performance

Best 5015 blower - GDStime GDB5015

Under $10, this fan has incredible Static Pressure and Airflow at 24 V and would be your first choice for toolheads with longer ducts like the Petsfang duct. It is also great choice for Voron Stealthburner and Creality toolheads.

Technical characteristics

Air Flow5.36 CFM
Static Pressure1.21 In H2O
Noise38.7 dBA
BearingsDual Ball Bearings

2. Delta BFB0524HH – balanced performance

Delta BFB0524HH 5015 blower

Delta Electronics has created an excellent 5015 blower with balanced performance. It is recommended by Voron community for the Stealthburner toolhead. Price range $16 – $25.

Technical characteristics

Air Flow4.6 CFM
Static Pressure0.866 In H2O
Noise45.0 dBA
BearingsDual Ball Bearings

3. Sunon Maglev MF50152VX-1L02C-A99 – best quality and lifespan

Sunon MF50152VX-1L02C-A99 5015 blower fan for part cooling
2 min video about Sunon MF50152VX-1L02C-A99

Sunon Maglev fans are known for their quality and durability. Each fan is individually balanced to achieve quite operation and great lifespan. The MF50152VX-1L02C-A99 has close performance to the Delta, however this is achieved with only 1.95W (2.64W for the Delta). It is my personal choice and I have it installed on several Stealthburner toolheads. Price range $18 – $25.

Technical characteristics

Air Flow4.8 CFM
Static Pressure0.76 In H2O
Noise43.8 dBA
BearingsDual Ball Bearings


All of these radial blowers are turbine fans that are capable of delivering high airflow and static pressure while maintaining relatively low noise levels. However, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your 3D printing setup and choose a blower that’s appropriate for your use case. For long ducts get a 5015 radial blower with better static pressure, for short ducts prioritize airflow.

Though Gdstime GDB5015 seems like the best blower on the specs and it does have positive community feedback, IMHO proven quality brands like Delta or Sunon would be a wiser choice in time.

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