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PT1000 HT sensor for 3d printers

PT1000 are high-temperature sensors for 3d printers with operating ranges up to 500 ° C. They are fitted in 3mm stainless steel body, that is compatible with modern hotends, like E3D V6, Dragon, Dragonfly, Rapido, etc. PT1000 combines the advantages of thermistors and thermocouples (like PT100). It is HT RTD sensor that installs just like standard thermistor. Its signal is compatible with control boards without an additional amplifier board.

PT1000 – how is it different from PT100?

The PT1000 probes are also made of platinum like PT100, but they have 1000 Ohms resistance at 0°C. Depending on the probe’s quality and the purity of the platinum PT1000 and PT100 have similar temperature ranges, but in the firmware definitions, the value of the resistance for the same temperature would be 10 times higher.

PT1000 – accuracy & setup

In theory, PT1000 should be more accurate than PT100, because the higher resistance makes it less sensitive to the resistance of connecting wires. In practice, it will have a lower resolution if connected directly to the control board, because of the 4.7 kOhms pull-up resistor most controllers use on thermistor inputs. This resistor is a voltage divider, and its resistance is normally written next to the thermistor connector.

This issue could be solved by either:

  • Using a board that supports PT1000 probes (ex. Octopus);
  • Using an amplifier board like with a PT100 probe;
  • Replacing the 4.7 kOhms resistor with 1 kOhm (requires soldering).
PT1000 high-temperature sensor from Trianglelab
PT1000 from Trianglelab is supplied with replacement 1 KOhm resistors (requires soldering skills)
Amplifier board for PT1000
The amplifier board MAX31865 V2 from BigTreeTech is compatible with PT1000 and PT100 probes.

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