3D printing of Voron parts in Europe

Voron 3d printed parts

Voron printers are high performance DIY FDM machines. Building a Voron printer require to source hardware – steppers, frame, electronics, but also to 3d print many parts. My 3d printing service will help you to get quality ABS Voron parts for your project. Your Voron parts are 3d printed only on Voron 3d printers – Voron 2.4, Voron Trident and Voron 0.1.

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Sourcing the 3d printing of Voron parts

If you want to build a Voron machine, but you don’t have currently a printer capable of printing ABS, there are few options to source the 3d printed parts:

  • Order the parts from the Voron community (check Voron’s discord about the PIF service);
  • Buy the parts on Aliexpress – you will probably save some cost, however there is no personalization and often parts are printed from ABS +. This is modified and easier to print ABS, but unfortunately its mechanical and thermal properties are also altered;
  • Use my service if you are in the EU .

Benefits of my service for Voron 3d printed parts

I am just starting this service , so it is more a commitment than benefits at this stage.
Here is what I deliver:

  • Parts printed from quality ABS made in EU or from KVP. No altered ABS+ will be used;
  • Visual quality inspection of each part;
  • Personalization of colors, perimeters, infill;
  • Possibility to print some parts from Polycarbonate (ex. part cooling, extruder, etc.);
  • Printed on Voron printers;
Stealthburner part blower and CW2 extruder printed with PC-Max polycarbonate from Polymaker – optional.