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Creality CP-01 – 3 in 1 modular 3d printer

Creality3D just announced its modular 3-in-1 3d printer, laser engraver and CNC slicing machine. Is it your new versatile workhorse or a useless toy?

A 3d printer can do more than just printing. It can handle any 2D and 3D linear motion functionality. The modular 3d printer is not a new concept – we saw similar machines pop-up on Kickstarter. The SnapMaker is already in its 2nd generations and it seems solidly build for the task.

3d printer convertible into CNC?

While laser engraving is prety easy to handle just by replacing the print head with laser engraver, a good CNC slicing machine would require improved mechanics and at least NEMA23 steppers.

The CP-01 as CNC slicer

Although the frame seems sturdy for a 3d printer with such small dimentions (the CP-01 is just 200 x 200 x 200 mm), the 2040 extrusions with V-weels carriages and NEMA17 steppers is something you’ll rarely see on a CNC machine.

It may do for carving soft wood or to prepare a custom PCB, but I doubt it will handle alluminum or other harder materials.

On the other hand it could be a good starting point for DIY improvements, like linear rails and NEMA23 with the new TMC5160 high current drivers – it all depends how Creality will price position the product.

Anyway, it is great to see that Creality3D is experimenting and developing new products. Although I personnaly won’t buy the CP-01, I am looking forward to see reviews and how it performs in the different modes. I am also interested in the Creality’s software solution to manage the 3 functions.

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