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  • Artillery Sidewinder X2 Review

    Artillery Sidewinder X2 Review

    The 3d printing world has become a competitive place and best-selling 3d printers bring either innovation or price optimization. The Sidewinder X2 gives you both. It is a budget large printer with a price tag of just $450. And yet it comes with modern features, a direct extruder, and AC heated bed. In this review,…

  • Creality CP-01 – 3 in 1 modular 3d printer

    Creality CP-01 – 3 in 1 modular 3d printer

    Creality3D just announced its modular 3-in-1 3d printer, laser engraver and CNC slicing machine. Is it your new versatile workhorse or a useless toy? A 3d printer can do more than just printing. It can handle any 2D and 3D linear motion functionality. The modular 3d printer is not a new concept – we saw…