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Ender 6 – meet the new CoreXY budget printer from Creality

I knew this day will come. Finally, Creality has developed a budget CoreXY 3D printer – the Ender 6. The new Ender6 pretends to be the most performant and precise machine in Creality’s low-end offer – not only in the Ender range but also in the CR-10 series.

Ender 6 succeeds the popular Ender 5 /Ender 5 Pro (cartesian printers with cube frame) and claims to provide 3 times faster printing.

Ender 6 – Technical Specs

Mechanics: CoreXY
Frame: 2020 and 2040 profiles
Linear motion: V-wheels
Printing speed: up to 150 mm/s
Build volume: 250x250x400 mm
Machine size: 495x495x650 mm
Power supply: Meanwell 24V/350W
Extruder: Bowden
Build platform: Cantilever bed
Stock accuracy: 0.1 mm
Layer height with stock nozzle: 0.1-0.4 mm
Control display: 4.3″ touchscreen
Stepper drivers: TMC2208

Silent operation: Yes
Filament runout sensor: Yes
Printing resume function: Yes
ABL function: N/A
Print surface: Carborundum glass
Enclosure option: Yes, semi-enclosed with acrylic sheets

Standard and Pro versions of Ender 6
Ender 6 can be ordered in a standard or extended configuration. The extended configuration comes with acrylic sheets and a door to enclose the sides of the printer. This helps to suppress the noise and to keep the printer clean. The top however remains open and if you want to print ABS or other filaments that shrink when cooling down, you will have to make a top cover. /Photo: creality.com

Ender 6 – where to buy

Ender 6 is now selling on Amazon and Aliexpress.

Check Ender 6 price on Amazon
Check Ender 6 price on Aliexpress
Ender 6 is selling on Amazon and Aliexpress

Ender 6 – few thoughts

On the specs Ender 6 seems a great 3d printer and I am sure it will deliver the promised performance for some time. I see however a threat to consistent printing quality – the stability of the cantilevered bed. It is moving on V-wheels and those wear for a couple of months of daily use, leading to slop.

The size of the bed is already big for a cantilever (the optimum dimensions for this architecture would be 200x200mm), and if you print tall models (height is 400), the weight of the print will further disturb the stability. Some may argue popular high-end printers use large cantilever beds and have no slop, like the Ultimaker 2 (230×225 mm bed). Well, those have much more robust mechanics and smaller heights. So, I am sure the first mods we’ll see on Thingiverse will aim to improve the bed stability by implementing rods or linear rails.

Ender 6 – should I buy it?

Ender6 is certainly a very capable budget machine with CoreXY mechanical architecture. It offers most of the modern features like print resume after power outage and filament runout sensor and is equipped with quality components like Meanwell PSU and German TMC2208 drives. On other hand, Creality enjoys a large community contributing great mods and upgrades.

No matter if you are starting with 3d printing or if you are an experienced enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with Ender 6. It delivers quality prints at speeds up to 150 mm/s out of the box, and when things start to break you can upgrade it with user-contributed modifications.

Will I buy the Ender 6? Yes, if the price is under $400 for the Standard version. I am not really interested in the semi-enclosed version, because I believe I could find a better DIY solution, once the design allows for enclosing.

Ender 6 – where to buy

Ender6 is now selling on Amazon and Aliexpress.

Check Ender 6 price on Amazon
Check Ender 6 price on Aliexpress
Ender 6 is selling on Amazon and Aliexpress

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