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Making Creality CR-10 silent – fan replacement power mod

If you are owner of CR-10 you are aware of how noisy this printer is. There are so many noises – the heatbreak and the part fans, the axes movements and mainly the fans in the control box. The noise is low frequency and is not audible in the other rooms when doors are closed. However if you need to work in the same room while printing, this power mod is for you.

Noctua silent fans mod for Creality CR-10

Noctua is a famous brand for silent fans from 40 to 150 mm. The video below shows how to replace the 40, 50 and 60 mm noisy fans in the control box with two silent 80mm Noctua ones.

Power Mod for CR-10 – silent fans

Here are the links to the things used in the mod:
40mm to 80mm fan adapter
30mm to 40mm fan adapter

Products used in this mod:

2 x Noctua 80 mm silent fan – Amazon
1 x Noctua 40 mm silent fan – Amazon

The new fans on the control box are blowing fresh air and cooling seems better than before.
Creality CR-10 is finally silent.

There are other similar solutions on Thingiverse with 1 x 120 mm silent fan or one to one replacement with the same size fans.

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