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Voron Trident – DIY coreXY 3d printer

Voron Trident is the latest version and new name of the Voron1 DIY CoreXY 3d printer. It introduces a new feature – 3-point bed leveling. The 3-point bed leveling has become a must-have functionality in modern printers and you will find it also in RailCore and V-core3. Now that Voron has it, building a Trident was an easy decision for me. Voron has many other advantages over the other top DIY machines – it is fully enclosed, printable, and easy to upgrade parts, strong community.

Voron Trident – 3d printer characteristics

Standard build volume (X x Y x Z):
250 x 250 x 250 mm
300 x 300 x 250 mm
350 x 350 x 250 mm

Motion: CoreXY
ABL: 3-point bed leveling (Z-Tilt)

Toolhead options:
Afterburner or Stealthburner with direct extruder or bowden.
Supported hotends:
Dragon, Mosquito, E3D, Dragonfly, Rapido

Build plate: 8mm thick, MIC-6
Hotbed: AC silicone heater / SSR
Control board: Octopus or Spider
(i chose Octopus because it supports PT100)
RPi print server:
OctoPrint, Fluidd, MainsailOS, etc.
Firmware: Klipper

The Blurolls 3d printer kit for Voron Trident

Every project to build a DIY 3d printer starts with parts sourcing. On the Voron website, you will find links to the manual, STL files for 3d printed parts, and a configurator and sourcing guide. You can source the hardware yourself or buy a kit from 3rd party suppliers.

Blurolls is one of the kit builders for Voron printers. They sell on Aliexpress and I work with them because their kits have quality components – Hiwin linear rails, LDO motors, Gates belts, etc.

Check the Blurolls products and kits for Voron Trident.

Unboxing video for the Blurolls 3d printer kit for Voron Trident

Voron Trident – assembly and tests

Building a Trident is relatively easy compared to the other Voron coreXY printers – the Voron Zero and the Voron 2.4. I would rank the assembly difficulty on the same level as the Voron Switchwire – it is just a bit more time-consuming.

Assembly video for Voron Trident. The assembly took approx. 30 hours for me. It may be faster for you, because I was shooting also the video. In the end, there are a few test prints with ABS.

I used only the official Voron manual for the assembly.

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